The couple has just walked inside the venue for the reception and her heart leaped for joy and the amazement on her countenance was relatively undefined. One could not say if it was a mixed feeling of joy and otherwise. The view of the venue has been transformed into a paradise of some sort. One that cannot but surely be the handiwork of an excellent planner who know his onus.

She leaned over and kissed her husband – withdrew and said thank you honey. This kind of expression can only come from a high level of satisfaction. It is likened to an aphrodisiac feeling from having your expectations met and over. Sapphire suites cast this spell on her. The spells of excellence, touch of class and flamboyancy. Wedding venues Birmingham are in their numbers but booking one for your wedding event that meets your criteria is another thing entirely. Before you consider looking for wedding venues Birmingham, have these five (5) things in mind:

· Excellent Service: When looking for wedding venues Birmingham, excellent service delivery should be the focus. Let a toddler see what you paid for literally in every sense of the word. Take the couple experience as a case study and you will understand better.

· Intake Capacity: How many invitees are being invited for the event? Are they coming in their cars? Does the venue have a parking space that accommodates yours guests’ cars? Do you intend to do something small or big? These questions will give a clear direction on your decision as to what venue will fit your plans.

· Touch of Class: Touch of class does not mean it must be a five start hotel or something. Anything can be simple, yet classy and compete well enough with existing counterparts.

· Flamboyancy: The venue picked should be posh, angelic and elaborate in decoration no matter how small or big.

· Cost Price per Booking: Whatever your plans are, they should be within your budget. Sapphires suites is affordable to all potential couples in the UK.